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Well my transformation from a suit wearing corporate guy is certainly taking me down some interesting roads and I embrace the opportunity to keep on learning.

I’m still learning about the whole macrobiotic food area, following a gentle teasing by Craig Sams when he kindly met with me before Christmas. It seems the more I explore, the more sense this makes and the more it also seems we should be talking to the macrobiotic community about our Aquapax.

This appears to be a niche sector of society where  people actually do their own research and take the time to think before they consume. Based on my limited exposure to people living macrobiotic lifestyles, it also seems to be populated with gentle and genuinely nice folk, who still take the time of day to give you a smile and a moment of their time when you ask. It also seems they are interested in the bottled water phenomenon and the quality debate we’re raising the stakes on. They aren’t that naive when it comes to the big player’s marketing tactics either…

Cool. 🙂


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