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Earlier this week, I had the privilege of a behind the scenes pre-opening tour of Brighton’s fabulous new venue for anyone wanting to really get their lives back in shape via their bodies…

The title should have given the venue away, as it’s the new Bikram Yoga studio, also known as Hot Yoga Brighton or Bikram in the Lanes. Not to be confused with naked yoga, Bikram yoga classes are carried out in a heated studio, so you wear as little as you’re comfortable with. Bikram has been around since the 70’s and the classes are popular all over world among those who’ve tried it and realised it works. That’s clearly how the format is spreading and we’re delighted that the latest Brighton Bikram practitioners have good taste in their choice of mineral water.

As a lay person (currently non yogi) the benefits of deep stretching in a really warm environment is essentially that our bodies are more comfortable and our muscles more flexible when we’re warm. According to the founder of the discipline, it’s about expanding your lungs from the typical 50% capacity we apparently work at.

The Brighton studio is the dream of Chicago belle Bridgett Ann (BA to her friends) and native Brightonian Simon Goddard and their wonderful positive energy is physically flowing out of them in this the final week before launch. It’s completely infectious and has made me absolutely determined to try one of their beginner courses (somehow) despite my crazy diary commitments.

They have taken a building more used to office workspace and without any hint of compromise, have transformed the open space into a fabulous studio. The investment they’ve clearly made is admirable to any entrepreneur as we all know how to take short cuts, but they’re equally easy to spot when companies do. Bikram in the Lanes hasn’t taken short cuts and the quality feel of their studio, shower areas, heater installation and consummately professional programme will clearly drive their assured success in Brighton.

In case you’re wondering, you should arrive for a Bikram Yoga class fully hydrated, but they don’t encourage guzzling water from an oversized bottle during the class. That’s the time for gentle working and sipping discretely the wonderfully pure AQUAPAX water they have available for you at the studios. Paris, Amsterdam and now Brighton – it’s amazing how true quality award winning products are in harmony together.


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