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interesting how many calls and texts we’re getting to tell us about this ‘major new series’ starting this evening on BBC2 with an expose of how large corporations make people drink bottled water…

All the messages are the same; here’s a perfect opportunity to contact the bbc and get your message across, how it’s not all about big corporates exploiting people… how poor the water quality is in many of the bottled waters out on store shelves… how there are options out there (aka Aquapax) for people of conscience who still care about what they ingest.

If only it were that simple… even the bbc points of view message board is down for maintenance, so I’m sorry but we can’t even comment via that forum either! 

Reading between the lines, any bbc programme billed as a major series means they had a BIG budget and had to visit at least half a dozen exotic locations to ensure the images will entertain the audience and give an appearance of being credible where a dry research report wouldn’t be understood. Who are they trying to fool (other than the license payers) as we all know bbc2 audiences respond more favourably to facts than sensationalist journalism.

If anyone knows a journo looking for a reasonably intelligent conversation on the whole bottled water thing, please give them my number or my twitter profile @neiltwaterguy and I’d be delighted to engage…

ps. we had our annual trading standards visit yesterday and it’s another clean bill of health – as if we’d expect anything less. We’ve also had approval from Aquapax water quality analysed in the Middle East as being ‘suitable for infants’ so it’s all go over there too.

Hang on in there – the revolution is flowing… 🙂


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or dreadful delays would be another title which is not quite as disparaging of our current website. There’s little wrong with a static website – particularly if people manage to find the reasonably prominent ‘visit our founder’s blog’ link where they can then access this particular oracle. Equally, there’s a lot more it could do if we integrated this blog and other online content within the site, all accessed from a central url.

We chose wordpress as the site platform some time ago and I then worked on quite a tight brief with an exceptionally talented young student from Sussex Down’s College who I met during last year’s Aquapax viral media programme. NB. You can google search this year’s submissions on you tube – type ‘within the last month’ to see this year’s clips – they’re typically fun and one in particular has already attracted as many views as last year’s winner took a whole year to achieve!

In any event, my chosen (he volunteered actually) student’s competence to deliver the site was never in doubt, but I guess with hindsight, he always had too much on his plate, where the fact our website was to be a reference site for him (rather than a commercial project) meant we were obliged to wait…

Here we are 12 months down the road (sounds ludicrous now I see it in type) and he’s politely baled out, leaving us with an unforeseen (and unbudgeted for) dilemma…  So I’ve dusted off the original brief (which pretty much stands) and sent it off to a seemingly talented freelance wordpress developer in Brighton.

Now we wait again to see if she can fit us in, when she might fit us in and what she might charge for completing the task.  Teaching myself CSS might be another way forward, but there are too many other draws on my time right now, so that’s an unlikely solution! 

awarded to Just Drinking Water for AQUAPAX

Did I mention our A5 postcard (available in the ‘downloads’ section above) we send out to communicate what Aquapax is and why it’s a good idea has been shortlisted for ‘the green awards’ in the best direct response category? Sadly I can’t make the award dinner in town, but I’ve written to ask if we can sponsor the water to showcase Aquapax to those who haven’t yet seen it.

That’s my outlook calendar calling me in the background to get back to work… I’ll up-date when we have a solution 🙂

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