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born in africa; 2 brothers 1 sister; 1 wife; 1 son & 1 daughter; lot's of nieces and nephews; graduate in marketing (currently a 'fellow' of the cim); travelled the world; lived in south africa (natal), north america (washington state), spain (costa brava) and england (staffordshire; berkshire; hertfordshire; buckinghamshire and currently sussex); career background in advertising account mangement; product management; marketing management; sales; sales management; financial sales management; utility management as innovation director with engineering, commercial and water quality laboratory responsibility; then IT responsibility too (that convinced me enough was enough!!) now i'm an 'ethical environmentalist' aka an entrepreneur; walking the walk and marketing my own brand (aquapax) 'planet and baby friendly pure mineral water' - it's an option for thinking thirsty people and i hope i don't offend anyone...

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