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7 day weeks are no fun anymore. The Sussex Show was busy enough (although not as busy as last year) and working with my son on father’s day was a reward in itself; but my feet hurt a great deal more than they ever have in the past and beating the break even point at around 4:30 on Sunday afternoon hardly made me smile.

Maybe it’s a simple draining of energy because I’ve always believed how old you are is not as important as how you are old. 😉 Certainly working with my son taught me a few things about myself this weekend and admitting I’m wrong (now and then) is my own modest way of showing I’m becoming wiser with the passage of time.

There was, as always, one potential ‘ace’ contact from the weekend and it proves my adage to treat every customer with respect and the ‘enthusiasm’ as if they were your first and only customer that day. Whether or not anything comes of this particular ‘ace’ is down to the follow up meeting we’ve scheduled for next week, but my intuition is strong that Aquapax on ‘prime time’ is drawing nearer and maybe ‘Robert’ will be a catalyst to help lead us there.

With hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t sign-up to do Glastonbury this year. I know the weather forecast is better than they’ve had in my recent memory, but there are times when one has to accept that 5 days of work by day and party by night is a tough gig! 

Besides that, now Aquapax is being enjoyed equally by the illustrious world champion England cricket team and by the beautiful people at the prestigious St. Tropez Polo Club, maybe it’s time my weekend sleeping arrangements were upgraded from a tent…

wonderful cricket players drink wonderful water

wonderful cricket players drink wonderful water


Beautiful people drinking beautiful water in a beautiful setting

Beautiful people drinking beautiful water in a beautiful setting


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I’m overflowing with pride (I know it’s a sin, but read on) to announce that Aquapax natural mineral water is officially partnering with 1.618 the first ever sustainable luxury fair being held at the Palais de Tokyo, Museum of Modern Art, in Paris from 15 -17 May 2009.

1.618 is a new multi-disciplinary show presenting the best products and services in Luxury and Sustainable Development industries in an original and contemporary environment, with support from the French Ministry of Culture and the World Wild Fund (WWF).

As the foremost brand of pure natural mineral water in a more planet conscious paper carton, Aquapax is proud to participate in this the first celebration of goods which fulfill the need for luxury without compromise on sustainability.

Open to the public, 1.618 will showcase the best produced luxury goods and services which combine Luxury and Sustainable Development in an innovative and contemporary setting.

As lifted from their website / press release, the 1.618 event considers contemporary luxury as ethical, essential, aesthetical and immaterial. Luxury has always defined itself through notions of timelessness, heritage and value. Yet luxury also concerns itself with: –
• The will to preserve and protect natural resources
• Research and innovations that aim to reduce social inequalities
• The respect of human rights
• The exploration of the sensory system
• Self-discovery through object appreciation
• An understanding of rarity
• The preservation of skills and techniques

Today, luxury inscribes itself in sustainable development and aims to create new desires within a responsible framework. Luxury is Sustainable Development / Luxury is our planet. The sustainability of luxury depends on its capacity to change, innovate and create new myths. aka AQUAPAX 🙂

For more details, visit the 1.618 website

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OK, hardly a press announcement, but it is ‘earth day’ after all and this is our contribution…  Can only hope the site condron picks up on it and we get some ratings for our efforts.


stay happy – it is a beautiful earth after all and it’s down to you (and me) to keep it this way… 🙂

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Not quite sure what’s going on when a relatively small business like ours attracts a call from a VAT inspector but that’s exactly what we’ve got booked in for 2pm tomorrow. I guess it’s because we asked for some money back last quarter (legitimately) but there’s still an anxious feeling about having to go through as much as someone  might care to see in order to satisfy them we’re legit. The worst fear is how long I might have to spend on the subject and what if they don’t have any sense of humour? I’m not sure I know how to be serious for much longer than 2 hours…

On the video front, my pal Al recommended a fantastically talented individual called Maximilian Mortimer to shoot the Aquapax video showreel for the imminent IOD Annual Convention at the Royal Albert Hall. The Institute of Directors conferences are always pretty excellent events and I do hope a certain ‘Sir Stuart’ in the audience ‘gets it’ this year, considering our response from last year’s sponsorship when ‘Sir Bob’ was there, was pretty uneventful.

It’s not so much that people don’t get it, it’s that they consciously choose to trade down to the lower cost plastic option which really gets me. I know it’s laboring the point a little, but it’s the same mentality that keeps sweat shops in business around the world; businesses who don’t care enough to read beyond their own immediate bottom line.

Back to Max, he’s been a pleasure to work with and I’m chuffed with his production which I hope you can link to from here soon. I’ll also pop a link across on the ‘blog-roll’ on the right, in case you might care to help share the video around society. Considering a lady from the valleys has had a hundred million hits with her apparently excellent singing voice, It’s going to be hard to impress anyone unless Aquapax can get a video viewing hit rate at least above a thousand – not counting the 2,000 who will see it at the Albert Hall…

Keep smiling – Friday’s just around the corner… 🙂

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I found the pre-Easter story quoting statistical ‘evidence’ about litter on UK beaches doubling over the past 14 years pretty disturbing. A little more disturbing is how it made the news for about one whole day!

The worst problem is still cited as being plastic – something anyone living near a beach could have told the researchers for free, yet even with the background of having actually counted it all, I’m not sure who then does what with the information!?

There’s a distinct lack of joined up government thinking out there, with more apparent energy spent briefing mischief on other political parties than actually tackling the real issues. I can’t understand why this report wasn’t used to beat up the government – or might that be because too many politicians of seemingly every party persuasion don’t actually care about anything other than fiddling their own expenses, or trying to justify the same expenses to the media.

‘Come the revolution’, it will be interesting to see whether we the public change enough to begin a real call to account. That includes challenging journalists rather than allowing the media to control whatever they feel like reporting for as long as they feel like reporting it.

You ask why I’m an activist – I ask what’s the alternative?

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These words form part of the design across the top of our beautiful new Aquapax carton (thanks again SunHouse) – they are personal and inspired in part by the wonderfully under-recognised poet Mr. Bob Dylan. I wasn’t much into Bob when I was growing up, but my brother Paul was and the song ‘tangled up in blue’ was one where the words always sounded ‘easier’ on my then young ears, despite not really understanding their meaning at the time. (give me a break it was 1974 and I’m not that old… yet)

‘There’s revolution in the air’ now sums up a feeling for where we are right here and now, with growing global consciousness and finally some genuinely powerful leaders who care for our planet. We simply haven’t had this critical mass until now and I can literally feel the change growing.

It is abundantly clear to me that there are so many organisations which treat their environmental policies the same way Enron treated their code of ethics policy. (it was 36 pages long apparently). Their first response to any introduction is ‘how much?’ which remains their only defense to supposed leaders watching over them as to why they aren’t prepared to even try something different.

Very soon, these ‘organisations’ (includes political parties, councils, small and large companies and other ‘entities’) are going to have to stand up and be counted. Words have meanings and non-specific environmental policies with fluffy words and an original intent of boosting a share price, or winning kudos or votes will very soon have to be invoked.

Bring on the revolution Bob – it’s Aquapax time…

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The IFE (International Food Exhibition) in London over the past 3 days has been hard on my feet and I feel for the poor folk who had to get through today as well. It’s a good trade show and I’ve walked the whole of both halls thoroughly looking for ‘what’s new and exciting’. Delighted to see that Aquapax is still the only ecologically sensible offering in the ‘bottled water’ arena, but sad to see at least 4 new entrants in said arena, all trying to compete for who can produce and supply a plastic bottle of water cheapest.

Is it me, or was there once a degree of common sense in business where the strategy of staying out of the mainstream of competition made sense? Particularly where the competitive activity is unsustainable in the long term! But that’s not the age of stupid I refer to…

Tonight was our Transition Film night in Haywards Heath and we watched ‘The 11th Hour’ – a film I’ve previously blogged about headlined by Leo Di Caprio. It’s a frustrating film for someone who gets it and it makes me want to do something bigger than just blog about it.

I have to start somewhere though, so let me share 2 questions, taken from elements in the film, but asked in my own words…

1. What part of the unanimous scientific perspective that “we’re living on a planet where economics depends on growth and the reality is a declining biosphere”, don’t people get?

2. How can we spread the awareness that change is not going to happen without a critical mass of people understanding its criticality?

By way of answering question 2 for myself, there’s another film being previewed in the UK on Sunday 22nd, at 6pm. AGE OF STUPID is a privately funded film, which has happened through the commitment of some pretty special people. I’m putting a link to the films’ website here, so do please have a look.

The more people who make an effort to see this film in the early days, the greater the prospects of getting this work into commercial cinema; it would be pretty exceptional for such a hard-hitting film of this nature to get into mainstream venues. We all know every little helps, but this is even more important than the change in your pocket cliche of  said Walmart advert…

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