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I’m overflowing with pride (I know it’s a sin, but read on) to announce that Aquapax natural mineral water is officially partnering with 1.618 the first ever sustainable luxury fair being held at the Palais de Tokyo, Museum of Modern Art, in Paris from 15 -17 May 2009.

1.618 is a new multi-disciplinary show presenting the best products and services in Luxury and Sustainable Development industries in an original and contemporary environment, with support from the French Ministry of Culture and the World Wild Fund (WWF).

As the foremost brand of pure natural mineral water in a more planet conscious paper carton, Aquapax is proud to participate in this the first celebration of goods which fulfill the need for luxury without compromise on sustainability.

Open to the public, 1.618 will showcase the best produced luxury goods and services which combine Luxury and Sustainable Development in an innovative and contemporary setting.

As lifted from their website / press release, the 1.618 event considers contemporary luxury as ethical, essential, aesthetical and immaterial. Luxury has always defined itself through notions of timelessness, heritage and value. Yet luxury also concerns itself with: –
• The will to preserve and protect natural resources
• Research and innovations that aim to reduce social inequalities
• The respect of human rights
• The exploration of the sensory system
• Self-discovery through object appreciation
• An understanding of rarity
• The preservation of skills and techniques

Today, luxury inscribes itself in sustainable development and aims to create new desires within a responsible framework. Luxury is Sustainable Development / Luxury is our planet. The sustainability of luxury depends on its capacity to change, innovate and create new myths. aka AQUAPAX 🙂

For more details, visit the 1.618 website


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