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All the talk of credit crises throughout the world isn’t borne out by the Christmas mayhem I see out there. People appear to be spending as much as usual and (based on our local Waitrose) stores are crazy busy with a ‘what if they run out of x’ mentality abounding.

Listening to conversations at the local health club, it seems those drawing their pensions are the greatest prophets of doom; this ties in with my theory on the socio-demographic profile of certain ‘newspaper’ readers, but it’s still ironic that clearing the ‘career hurdle’ and now drawing a final salary pension can be so apparently depressing. What happened to celebrating twilight years with a twinkle or a smile?

At the health club, the sub 25 year olds’ still talk of drinking as much as possible and there’s very few sub 40 year old conversation to tune into; they’re still working on the paunches those of us who are >40 joined the health club to get rid of.

Never mind, at least it’s not raining down here in Sussex and our household is thoroughly joyous about the celebrations and ‘modest’ exchange of gifts we’re planning for Thursday morning.

A ‘Joyeux Noël’ to all who might read this message – peace to you and yours at this special family time and sorry for all the cards I didn’t send. I claim it’s my ecological conscience prohibiting me sending cards, but my wife knows me better…

For those worried that they might not be worried enough, what about this bit of hysteria my friend Nikki found on the Standard website. 

Be happy and bright blessings to you and yours 🙂


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