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I had the pleasure of attended the IGD Food Industry Awards yesterday evening, held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel off Hyde Park.  It was a well organised affair considering the scale and I was fortunate to be on a table with a great atmosphere, making It a fabulous evening out.

What was quite revealing for me, being relatively new to the corporate side of food and grocery life, was how well the co-op did in virtually every judging category at the awards. They really did sweep the floor of their bigger supermarket rivals and the co-op staff attending the event relished their ongoing success through the evening as the constant nominations and subsequent wins for their efforts continued to flow.

It’s an interesting sign perhaps that the once unfashionable retailer has looked at what it does right and focused on that, rather than trying to reinvent itself as a pretender to something it isn’t and potentially alienating it’s core customer base in the process. I managed to chat briefly with Peter Marks (their Chief Executive) after the show, principally to congratulate him, but also to pop an Aquapax postcard into his pocket.

My Dad once told me to keep an eye out for every opportunity and be bold enough to act on the ones you notice. Let’s hope the card makes its way safely back to the office in Manchester – you never know…


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