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I read the really positive news article in FoodBev recently about South African wine brand Arniston Bay and how the producer has recently joined our revolution launching a 1 litre version of their wine packaged in a Tetra Pak carton range, among other formats.

Shortly after there was a really grumpy response (also quite emotional and irrational) from Mr David Workman of British Glass, who literally attacked cartons as a package format, referring to the positive press release as a packaging ‘green wash’. This was really quite disturbing for me as a strong advocate of the carton package format – well I would say that wouldn’t I – but more importantly, because I’ve taken the time to research all portable package options for water before I decided on cartons as the most ecologically sensible!

The internet has an unfortunate habit of circulating or syndicating bad news articles – particularly those put out by strong industry bodies like the glass industry, so this is my attempt to even things out a little. I’ve linked hereunder to the measured and wholly professional response to the ranting criticism, as made by Barney Davis, Brand and Business Development Manager at The Company of Wine People.

It’s worth reading, as I have previously made every effort not to attack other beverage formats within my blog, despite the masses of information I could leverage on the propensity for plastic leaching, or how Blackpool promenade is mostly made of glass people thought they were sending for recycling!

It’s great when I find responsible and articulate articles to share which independently up-hold my own well researched position. Do please have a brief read of Barney’s reply if you have the time. You may be surprised to find an article published on glass which actually tells the inconvenient truth for a change.

Do us all a favour, show the article to those in the pretentious minority who insist they are somehow helping the planet by buying bottled water packed in pretentious glass bottles… 🙂


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