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It’s the final week of Organic Fortnight and we’ve had a great response to our customer promotions. I’ve been doing a series of customer tastings to introduce new customers and say hi to some of our long standing friends, and the atmosphere has been really positive.

Whole Foods Market in particular have got their stores behind the integrity of Aquapax in putting together a great customer offer for the whole month of September. There’s never been a better time to buy Aquapax in town, while out of town, anyone who’s been to Brighton recently without visiting VBbites Café at Hove lagoon, needs to make another trip – yes their vegan food is worth it and of course they serve wonderfully chilled Aquapax.

Next week, is another major milestone in our brief history, as we celebrate The Westminster Collection’s networking event, ‘A Night To Remember With TWC‘, at the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday 22nd. The exquisitely positioned networking evening has been a complete sell-out, with over 850 pre-registrations. Aquapax is the mineral water sponsor for this prestigious evening, so it will be especially rewarding to see our iconic blue cartons wandering off down the Strand after the show.

At the same time as the TWC evening, Aquapax are also the prime sponsors at the oh so chic and totally inspirational Gallery FUMI launch party in Tabernacle St. and also at the more intimate Gallery FUMI and Studio Toogood Corn Craft dinner at their Hoxton Square venue. Both of these events kick-off their celebrations for the 2009 London Design Festival and we’re thrilled to be a part of the festivities.

The Aquapax ‘water wall’ (pictures to follow) is being designed by the immensely talented Pierric Verger who’s put a lot of himself into getting the wall right. The intention is to communicate the flowing energy of Aquapax to everyone visiting the gallery, as well as to keep the water chilled for those partaking of non-alcoholic refreshment.

Enquiries so far this week include Denmark and Puerto Rico, but then it is only Monday. Who ever said dreams don’t come true just didn’t work hard enough…


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Yesterday was the day and a fine old affair it was too… Beautiful weather, a comprehensive array of talented business professionals as the speakers, and a box of guests who were good fun to be with. Well you don’t really want to spend a day in a box with people you’d rather not be with, let’s face it.

The video showreel, in case you missed it up on the BIG screen at the Royal Albert Hall is here and the link to the IoD convention website is here for a more comprehensive overview of the day.

The best part for me, was seeing more than 2000 people drinking Aquapax in one place at one time and smilling while listening to the iconic c-l-i-i-c-c-k noise resounding around the wonderful Royal Albert Hall as the ‘celebrity’ guest speakers opened their Aquapax to refresh themselves on stage. That and listening to Sir Stuart Rose, who made a lot of sense to me! So much so, I’ve even written to him today to try and take his inspiration a little further…

Oh yes and the morning presentation from The King of Shaves Company (Tim Wright) was pretty good too. It’s a good speaker who engages with his audence and doesn’t need to constantly refer to his own notes and Tim is a good speaker.

I hope to put some photos of the IOD convention in the photos section of this blog soon, so do come back to see if you can identify yourself captured on camera…

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The IFE (International Food Exhibition) in London over the past 3 days has been hard on my feet and I feel for the poor folk who had to get through today as well. It’s a good trade show and I’ve walked the whole of both halls thoroughly looking for ‘what’s new and exciting’. Delighted to see that Aquapax is still the only ecologically sensible offering in the ‘bottled water’ arena, but sad to see at least 4 new entrants in said arena, all trying to compete for who can produce and supply a plastic bottle of water cheapest.

Is it me, or was there once a degree of common sense in business where the strategy of staying out of the mainstream of competition made sense? Particularly where the competitive activity is unsustainable in the long term! But that’s not the age of stupid I refer to…

Tonight was our Transition Film night in Haywards Heath and we watched ‘The 11th Hour’ – a film I’ve previously blogged about headlined by Leo Di Caprio. It’s a frustrating film for someone who gets it and it makes me want to do something bigger than just blog about it.

I have to start somewhere though, so let me share 2 questions, taken from elements in the film, but asked in my own words…

1. What part of the unanimous scientific perspective that “we’re living on a planet where economics depends on growth and the reality is a declining biosphere”, don’t people get?

2. How can we spread the awareness that change is not going to happen without a critical mass of people understanding its criticality?

By way of answering question 2 for myself, there’s another film being previewed in the UK on Sunday 22nd, at 6pm. AGE OF STUPID is a privately funded film, which has happened through the commitment of some pretty special people. I’m putting a link to the films’ website here, so do please have a look.

The more people who make an effort to see this film in the early days, the greater the prospects of getting this work into commercial cinema; it would be pretty exceptional for such a hard-hitting film of this nature to get into mainstream venues. We all know every little helps, but this is even more important than the change in your pocket cliche of  said Walmart advert…

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Kevin Roberts gave a barn storming speech at the IOD annual conference last week and re-iterated for me why he’s such a legend in ad-land. The man retains his capacity for original thought; despite all his exposure to so many different ways of doing and thinking things. He remains true to himself and that’s cool by me.

Of course he pushes his ‘lovemarks’ theme constantly, but listening to what he says makes so much sense; he’s a speaker well worth making it along to listen to if you get the chance & it’s quite fun trying to place his accent, as it seems to change from ‘Kiwi’ to ‘Yank’ to ‘Manc’ all within a half hour…

The ‘I have a dream’ reference is in the context of ‘Dr.King’ being a ‘lovemark’ who never suggested he had a Mission Statement or a Strategy to discuss. I love the fact that this connection with the passion of one of history’s greatest speakers (Dr. King, not KR). It made so much sense to me sitting in the audience of the Royal Albert Hall, it was as inspirational for me as it must have been to those 1/4 million people who marched in peace back in ’63.

As an entrepreneur, ‘I have a dream’ is what gets me out of bed every morning; it’s what drove me from the comfort of corporate life, away from the assurance of the kind of pension that some people work their whole lives for in unfulfilled misery…

‘I have a dream’ is a more important reality than any business plan mandated by unimaginative investors, who diligently read columns of hypothetical balance sheets making sure everything adds up in a world that hasn’t come about yet.

Having a dream and living it is where any ambitious venture has got to start – without a dream, it’s too controlled and restricted by the elements which can be guaranteed. It becomes a plan to eliminate the potential things that might create failure, rather than a dream to capture the imagination and acceptance of a market and in so doing become a ‘lovemark’.

Thank you KR – I really enjoyed your inspirational talk. Now to work some of the ‘Aquapax love’ into words for those who seek the kind of assurances in a business plan that are impossible to guarantee. The same potential investors who don’t have a ‘feel’ for what their money is actually being used for, providing it makes their notion of a ‘return’. – I wonder if and what they dream of?

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