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We’ve been at the boat show down in Southampton since Friday showing the marine leisure industry how simple it is to stow, use and then squash down empty Aquapax after use. That and trying to get the chandlers and other suppliers of plastic bottled water to appreciate that not every decision in life has to be margin based.

One of the great things about being at the boat show is that the sailing community intuitively ‘get it’ when we show them Aquapax and they understand through personal experience the devastating pollution empty plastic bottles cause in the marinas and oceans of the world and why water in a paper carton makes so much sense.

Of course we and they recognise that it wasn’t that long ago when sailors were thoughtlessly throwing their empty water bottles into the sea. But times have genuinely changed and even the majority of hard core sailors now feel bad about losing empty plastic bottles over board when the bottles fall out of their pockets or simply get washed off the back of the boat.

Aquapax presents a reasonable solution for this problem; because you can at last squash one into your pocket and it’s more likely to stay there.

The other good bit about being at the boat show is that the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so despite the lack of a real summer here in the UK, there are a lot of sun tanned (and burnt) people working their stands.

I know I’ve always been solar powered, but sunshine really is a positive motivator for all – particularly for folk selling a sailing lifestyle – and you would be hard pressed to find anyone not relishing the ‘indian summer’ we’re having this week. I’ve no idea why it’s called an Indian summer, but warmth in September sounds less threatening when called an indian summer than it does when referred to as proof of global warming and climate change.

Hagar now takes over the duties for a couple of days, as I’ve a demo at Fresh & Wild in Clapham (aka whole foods market) tomorrow and another at the JLP food hall in Oxford St on Friday. The demo’s are always good fun and a great chance to meet new people.

For tonight though, it’s back to answering e-mails, getting quotes out, prepping the quarterly VAT return and all the other administrative chores that come with running a business. I have a theory that whoever said running your own business gives you more time, hadn’t actually ever tried it…


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