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Wordplay I confess, but hear me out… The banking catastrophe, the credit clutch, call it what you will. They’re taking their toll on so many seemingly good businesses that terror appears to be the prevailing mood of 2009.

Terror has a way of shutting down open minds, causing buyers to retreat to familiar grounds and the old tactic of beating up the usual supplier while blaming someone else (anyone else) for making them do it… That in turn has potential to squash innovation and inspiration leading to an inevitable status quo that says tomorrow will be pretty much like today.

Yet we retain hope and confidence – perhaps the revolution really is getting closer, where real leaders stand up to show the way forward. With our brand new Aquapax we have some genuinely wonderful news for anyone open minded to it; the funkiest looking carton we’ve ever seen, containing one of the purest natural beverages ever packaged. A potential inspiration to anyone that low carbon alternatives to everything are an option if you simply open your mind to them.

The Brown government makes noises about eco-sensitivity, while driving anyone inclined to consider green alternatives to question themselves about the incentive.

I think it was Napoleon who once said “a leader is a dealer in hope” – come on Mr.B get with the programme. The fact is that low carbon alternatives generally cost fractionally more to produce. If the government applies a standard VAT percentage, it makes them more expensive than carbon intensive products! Dooh as Homer (Simpson) would say. It’s not really that difficult to see the status quo is driving a continuing brown future.

If a low carbon economy is desirous, why not incentivise genuine alternatives to carbon intensive products? Aquapax is a proven low carbon alternative to conventional portable (typically bottled) water – be that packaged in a can, plastic, bio-polymer or glass ‘container’.
Small things do make a difference… 🙂


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